Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle With Amethyst, Rose Quartz Or Clear Quartz Core For Crystal Infusion


Amethyst Crystal

Charge up the power of your drinking water with crystal infusion and take note of the difference you feel! These bottles are made from strong borosilicate glass and contain a crystal core. The crystals are for infusion and charging of the water with the positive energy of the crystals. The crystal cores can be removed for easy cleaning of the bottle. Available in three crystal core options. Choose from rose quartz, clear quartz or amethyst.
Each one comes complete with a neoprene sleeve to protect the bottle and help keep drinks at the required temperature.

Rose Quartz Crystal


Choose an amethyst core if you wish to calm your mind, gain clarity of your thoughts and decision making process and balance your emotions.

Rose Quartz

Choose a rose quartz core if you wish to promote inner peace, happiness and unconditional love and restore trust, peace and harmony in your relationships.

Clear Quartz

Choose a clear quartz core if you wish to encourage clarity of your thoughts and amplify the purpose of your heart and mind.

Clear Quartz Crystal

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