Ceramic Salt Pipe Natural Halite Salt Therapy Inhaler Original Classic Cisca Saltpipe Blue Version

Ceramic Original Classic Cisca Saltpipe Blue Version

The Cisca Salt Pipe range is 100% natural, as well as drug and preservative free. Invented in Hungary, the Original Cisca Saltpipe® harnesses the natural healing power of salt cave therapy in a handheld porcelain salt pipe. (A plastic version also available.) These dry halite salt inhalers are portable, lightweight and provide all of the natural health benefits of salt therapy. With no known side effects, the age-old treatment of salt therapy can help relieve symptoms associated with asthma, hayfever, allergies, coughing, common colds, sinus problems, COPD, bronchitis and other breathing problems. (It is recommended that you consult with your GP or registered health care provider, prior to using any new device or making changes to your current health care routine.)

The moisture of air moving through the internal salt crystals absorbs microscopic particles of salt, allowing it to penetrate the entire respiratory tract when inhaled. Impurities are flushed away by the natural self-cleansing mechanisms of the sodium. Congestion and irritation is eased by excess fluid being drawn from the sinuses and cell lining. This cleanses the respiratory system and opens the airways. The user is able to breathe easier due to the thinning effect of the salt on mucus, helping it to clear naturally.

Simply place the salt pipe between the lips and inhale normally, exhaling through the nose. It is advisable to use for at least 10-25 minutes each day (this can be spread across several sessions). Once the cleansing process starts, residual mucus may leave the respiratory systems through coughing or nasal discharge. The Original Classic Ceramic Cisca Saltpipe has a white body and is available in three centre circle colour options of blue, green or red. The ceramic pipes contain 50g of halite salt, enough for up to five years use. As an alternative to the ceramic version, there is also an extra lightweight, non breakable, plastic version which contains 15g of halite salt, enough for six months use, which may be suitable for travel use. Click here to view the plastic saltpipe.

The unique ergonomic design of the Original Classic Ceramic Cisca Saltpipe makes it a pleasure to use being both comfortable and convenient. Unlike other similar salt pipes, the original and patented Cisca Saltpipe® requires no refills. This also allows it to be manufactured in one solid piece of ceramic which makes breathing through the device a breeze. The Original Classic Creamic Cisca Saltpipe is also the only one to feature both a safety valve and CE medical registration.

The pipes contain natural halite salt crystals which were formed around 20 million years ago in Hungarian and Transylvanian salt caves. The pipes were originally developed to specifically aid and address breathing and respiratory disorders, it was later discovered that the Cisca Saltpipe can also improve overall wellbeing. The detoxifying effect of the natural halite salt crystals helps with the absorption of oxygen. With  just 15 minutes of use per day, users have found a dramatic improvement in their general health.

As air is drawn over the natural halite salt crystals, it is purified. This gives the user a sensation that is similar to taking a deep breath of fresh sea air or visiting salt caves. Using the salt pipe, the moisture of the air absorbs the microscopic particles of salt, allowing it to penetrate the entire respiratory tract. It works by drawing excess fluid from the sinuses and cell lining, cleansing the nasal passages and opening the airways to relieve the main cause of congestion and irritation. The salt has a thinning effect on mucus, helping you to clear it naturally and breathe more easily.

Using the Original Classic Ceramic Cisca Saltpipe is very easy and in fact quite relaxing. Simply place the ceramic pipe in your mouth and inhale as normal, exhaling through your nose. It may taste quite salty the first time you use it. Don’t worry as this will fade after a few uses. Most adults actually quite like the saltiness but children may not. Before a child uses the salt pipe it is recommended that an adult uses the pipe a couple of times first so that the initial saltiness can ware off, so as not to put the child off using it. Normally, a salt pipe is recommended for use by children aged years three and over. However there is no real age limit but children younger than three years old may struggle to use it correctly. Try to stop children from blowing into the salt pipe as that may impair the salt crystals. Children should also be taught to breathe through the mouth and out of the nose.  After using the salt pipe regularly for about a week you will begin to notice that breathing becomes easier and deeper and any coughing caused by respiratory problems should lessen.
The Original Classic Ceramic Cisca Saltpipe can also be used to cleanse deep into the nasal cavity, helping those who suffer with rhinitis or sinusitis. Simply place the pipe close to one nostril, inhale and then swap to the other side.



Original Classic Ceramic Cisca Saltpipe Blue Version
Contains 50g of halite crystal salt
Lasting up to 5 years of use
No refill required


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Cisca Ceramic Saltpipe Blue Version

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