Colour Your Hair 100% Naturally With Quality Henna Indigo Cassia Amla & Indian Rhubarb Plant Powder Dyes

Take great care of your hair and add fantastic, naturally beautiful colour to your locks, without using harsh chemical dyes, which undoubtedly produce a less than natural look. Our range of natural hair colours are free from anything artificial, comprising just 100% pure plant powders. Perfect for you and ideal for the planet too. No nasty chemicals for you or the environment. Suitable for all hair types and can also be used on eyebrows and beards if required. Can successfully cover grey & white hair. As with any type of  hair colouring it is recommend that you do a strand test first before committing to a whole head application.

  • No ammonia
  • No oxides or metals
  • No peg chemicals
  • No peroxide
  • No PPD



  • 100 g – Suitable amount for short hair between 1 inch up to pixie cut length of average thickness.
  • 200 g – Suitable amount bob length to bottom of the ear length hair of average thickness.
  • 300 g – Suitable amount shoulder length hair of average thickness.
  • 400 g – Suitable amount for lower shoulder blade to mid-back length hair of average thickness.
  • 500 g – Suitable amount for longer length and/or thicker hair.

Please note that if your hair is very thick you may need more.

As a natural product, all powders can be stored out of direct sunlight until required. Or once mixed can be frozen until required.


Available Colours: Click on the links to purchase.

  • Natural Red Henna – 100% henna powder for the original henna look.
  • Extra Red – A specially formulated, liquid extract increases the red colour from henna on the hair. Add to henna powder at the time of mixing to get a stronger vibrant red.
  • Reddish Brown – A combination of henna powder and indigo powder. A higher percentage of henna powder to indigo powder creates a rich and vibrant colour.
  • Brown – Equal amounts of henna powder and indigo powder create a rich warm brunette colour.
  • Dark Brown – A larger percentage of indigo powder to henna powder creates a darker brunette colour.
  • Black – Combining henna and indigo in a two step dye process creates a fully black colour.
  • Cool Brunette – The addition of amla powder creates brown, dark brown or black colours without any red undertones from the henna powder.
  • Copper Red – Henna powder and cassia powder creates a vibrant copper-red colour for use on lighter hair types.
  • Strawberry Blond – A reduced amount of henna powder and an increased amount of cassia powder creates a strawberry colour for use on blond and light hair types.
  • Super Blond – A combination of Indian rhubarb and cassia powder creates a much richer blond gloss colour for use on light hair.
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