Cushion Covers Only Option

We know our regular customers like to build their collections. Whether that be to have as many on display as possible at once or to enable a change of decor when the mood arises or with the change of the seasons. Ultimately there is only so much space in your home to accommodate these little beauties. To solve the problem of potentially being lost under your ever growing cushion collection, we offer a cover only option to customers who have previously purchased the full option. Contact us to enquire

You may ask “Why don’t you just sell the covers with no inserts from the start? The answer is simple. Quality and fit of the end product are of utmost importance to us. The covers and inserts are designed to fit together perfectly for the best possible look and feel once on display in your home. By initially providing you with a quality insert, we can be assured that our beautifully designed covers will look perfect every time.

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