Energy Testing Omega & Perfect Pendulums 5% Discount Code

Enter code ES5 at the checkout to get a 5% discount on these beautiful energy testing pendulums.


The omega pendulum and the perfect pendulum are the latest evolution of the original pendulum, designed in 1984, based on how the human energy body really works. They are the only dowsing instruments that do not cause the operator to accumulate stresses from the subjects being tested.

The pendulums have a charged, ovoid shape that attunes your awareness directly to energy responses naturally occurring in your energy field all the time. This means your pendulum works without any dependence on, or interference from, your mind.

Mental questions are neither required nor desirable. The pendulum responds to three critical ‘questions’ with one simple method. These questions define every moment of your life:

  • Where do I need to go or be right now?
  • What do I need to do right now?
  • What do I need to not do right now?

The more your choices reflect your present energy responses, the more your fortunes and awareness will grow. Click here to view the full range. Remember to enter code ES5 at the checkout to get your 5% discount.


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