Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kits Enjoy Deliciously Fresh Mushrooms At Home

You can be producing your own deliciously fresh mushrooms at home in no time at all and with very little effort or skill required.

These mushroom growing kits are ready to start straight out of the box. All that is needed is the addition of water. They are live cultured and need to be started as soon as possible after arrival for optimum results. Live mushroom culture, just like live plants, needs prompt due care and attention. If you neglect to start them soon enough they may fail to thrive or simply die.

If you are planning to buy one of these kits as a present for someone (who might not be ready to get started with growing their mushrooms straight away) or for your own use at a later date, then please be sure to leave us a message at the checkout.  Your order can then be processed and will be put on hold for a delayed dispatch date of the kit. The gift recipient (or you) can then simply contact us to let us know when they are ready to receive their mushroom growing kit.





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