Grow Your Own Pink Oyster Mushrooms Kit (Relatively Easy To Grow)

Pink oyster mushrooms are a delicacy and are expensive to purchase in the shops. Despite this, the pink oyster mushroom growing kit is a relatively easy to grow at home mushroom kit. Once started, this pink oyster mushroom growing kit can provide you with a plentiful supply of mushrooms for cooking delicious meals for months.

As well as being a deliciously fresh alternative to expensive, shop bought, mushrooms and an excellent source of vitamins and protein, the pink oyster mushroom has scientifically-proven medical health benefits.

Pink oyster mushrooms have an attractive colour and are considered to have, what is said to be a more ‘meaty’ taste than other mushrooms. (We personally have no idea what a meaty taste is  like, so cannot comment!)  Apparently, when this mushroom is fried, it has the texture and smell of chicken (Again, no idea!) Could be considered ideal for providing vegetarians and vegans with an alternative substitute.


Pink Oyster Mushrooms


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