Incense Cones Single Or Mixed Fragrances Pack Of 25/50/100/850


Incense Cones – Colours And Fragrances Vary

These incense cones are available as single fragrances or as pre-mixed,multi variety packs, which will contain a random selection of fragrances according to stock availability and may include some or all those listed below. Available in packs of 25/50/100/850. The jumbo packs which contain approximately 850 incense cones, are perfect for those who need a plentiful supply such as therapists and practitioners etc. and incense cone fans. Jumbo packs are a huge saving on the RRP of £85 + P+P at only £39.99 each inclusive of delivery within the UK only. International delivery is available but will incur additional postage costs. See below for details.



Amber ~ Apple Cinnamon ~ Citronella ~ Coconut ~ Dragons Blood ~ Frankincense & Myrrh ~ Honeysuckle ~ Jasmine ~ Lavender ~ Lemon ~ Midnight Rose ~ Nag Champa ~ Opium ~ Orange & Cinnamon ~ Patchouli ~ Peach Mango ~ Sandalwood ~ Strawberry ~ Tibetan Musk ~ Tulsi Basil ~ Vanilla ~ Vetiver Gold ~ Violet ~ Ylang Ylang.

To choose your fragrance preference, please add a note during checkout. Stock levels can vary. In the event of your choice of fragrance being out of stock;  if you would like an alternative fragrance,  please mention it in the message area at the checkout.


To use: Place the cone on a suitable heat resistant, non-flammable holder, light the tip of the cone with a match or taper, after a moment or two blow out the flame to see just a glowing tip and allow the incense cone to smoulder, releasing the smoke, infused with the scent. If your room is large or you prefer extra fragrance you can use two at a time.

Safety: Do not leave lit cones unattended. Keep lit cones well away from any potentially flammable objects such as curtains etc.. Keep cones out of reach of children, vulnerable adults and pets.


Options: Price is inclusive of delivery within the UK. Quantity required can be adjusted in the shopping cart.To choose your fragrance preference, please add a note during checkout. International Customers: Please note that additional postage costs will be added to the final value of you total order according to size, weight and destination. An invoice for postage costs will be issued separately. Orders will be processed when the postage invoice has been paid. You may contact us for a postage quote prior to purchase.




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