Keep Your Cool With The Zero Breeze Portable Off Grid Air Conditioner Ideal For People And Pets Anytime Anywhere

Make sure you don’t suffer in the heat this summer. Don’t delay, click here now to check out the stock levels today, as these could sell out fast in the heatwave. Get yours now to ensure you can keep cool and carry on whatever the temperature rises to!

These are simply the best portable air conditioners on the market. Using top technology refrigerant for a superior cooling effect. No water to fill & drain. Powered by plugging in or rechargeable battery via electric or solar. Great for sleeping, camping, caravanning, travel, sports, activities, beach, picnic, pets, kids, elderly, babies and persons with special care or medical needs.

Keep the whole family cool and happy, including the kids and pets!


The Zero Breeze MK2 AC is the must have product to beat the heat and keep cool this summer. Maintain a comfortable and healthy air temperature for you and your pets, anywhere, anytime with a Zero Breeze portable off grid air conditioner! Suitable for use at home, at work, during outdoor activities or whilst on the road travelling. Perfect for campers in tents, boaters, truckers on the road, car, RV, van and trailer travellers and dwellers. You can read customer reviews and stories from all scenarios here.

Don’t let your beloved pets suffer in the heat! It’s vitally important to keep your pets cool in the hot weather, to maintain their health, comfort and happiness!


Zero Breeze orders can be sent to most countries around the world, dispatching from warehouses located in UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates. Click here to purchase.

Keep yourself cool wherever you are, with a Zero Breeze portable off grid air conditioner!

Enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about overheating, take your Zero Breeze MK2 AC with you to ensure your own personal cool space for maximum comfort.


Features & Functions

Cooling Effect
The Zero Breeze MK2 generates 2X stronger cooling power with 2300 BTU and 40% higher cooling efficiency than before. In just 5 minutes, the powerful compressor can reduce the outlet air temperature by 20°F/11°C.

Cold Air Extension Pipe
In compact Recreational Vehicles, cabins, airplanes, and through cold wind extension tubes, the Zero Breeze MK2 will not be restricted by space placement, and the cold air will be quickly blown to you.

Built-in Dump Protection
The Zero Breeze MK2 has a built-in dump protection mechanism to protect the air-conditioning system effectively in various complicated outdoor environments, preventing continuous operation and damage to the equipment after dumping.

Cold Air Temperature Display
Cold Air Temperature Display Zero Breeze MK2 has an innovative air outlet with temperature display. After starting up, you can more intuitively see the change of the air outlet temperature from the ambient temperature to the cooling temperature.

Heating Dissipation Pipe
When the Zero Breeze Mk2 is used in enclosed spaces such as truck lounges, tents, cabins, etc., it can quickly transfer heat out of the space through the heat dissipation pipe to achieve space cooling.

Battery Buckle System
The Zero Breeze MK2 battery can be quickly and easily connected with the Zero Breeze MK2 air conditioner. You can lift the air conditioner with one hand, as simple and convenient as a flashlight.

Sleep Mode, Power Mode
Sleep mode is perfect for camping outdoors at night. Power mode is ideal for rapid cooling down from sweat.


Available in 3 purchase options. BASIC with no battery, PLUS with 1 battery or PLUS EXTRA with 2 batteries.


Zero Breeze MK2 Air Conditioner Contents:

  • 1 X ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 Air Conditioner
  • 1 X 24V DC Power Adapter For Wall Outlet
  • 1 X Drainage Pipe
  • 1 X Front Air Outlet Duct
  • 2 X Venting Hoses
  • 1 X Front Air Outlet Duct Connection Adapter
  • 1 X Venting Hose Connection Adapter
  • 1 X IR Remote Controller
  • 2 X Screws For Connection Adapter
  • 1 X ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 User Guide
  • (0,1 or 2 batteries as per chosen option.)

Click here to purchase.

Enjoy spending time outdoors with your family and friends in cool comfort this summer.

There are far too many details to write here on this page, so please click here to see full specs, delivery details and current prices. You can also view informative videos on unboxing, usage, features and reviews of the Zero Breeze MK2 AC.

Enjoy your summer, get yours now to ensure you can keep cool and carry on whatever the temperature rises to!

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