Kilner Glass Jar Yoghurt Making Set

Introducing the Kilner yoghurt making set.

Kilner glass jar yoghurt making set with thermometer and insulating case

Kilner Glass Jar Yoghurt Making Set

The Kilner® Yogurt Making Set provides an easy and stylish way to create your own delicious, freshly made yoghurt using plant based milks (or others). This set is simple to use and your homemade yoghurt will be ready in around ten hours. The thermometer allows you to keep an eye on the temperature during the initial heating process and the neoprene insulating pouch will keep the mixture at the correct temperature for the process to successfully complete.  You can enjoy your youghurt plain or create various delicious flavour varieties using healthy ingredients such as fresh or dried fruits, spices, syrups or superfood powders etc. Making your own yoghurt is fun and easy and the most satisfying part is knowing  exactly which ingredients are in your food and being able to taylor it to your specific needs and preferences. It is of course also an excellent choice for those who wish to reduce waste – no plastic yoghurt cartons to throw away or recycle. Your glass yoghurt making set will last for many years of zero waste usage. You will need some kind of “yoghurt starter” to start each fresh batch of youghurt you wish to make. You can use around two spoonfuls of a yoghurt you already have or you can use the contents of probiotic, friendly bacteria capsules added directly to the milk.



Set Contents:

1 x Kilner 0.5 Litre Wide Mouth Glass Jar

1 x Kilner 0.25 Litre Glass Jar

1 x Insulating Pouch

1 x Stainless Steel Thermometer

2 x Metal Lids

1 x Instructions

Kilner glass jar yoghurt making set with thermometer and insulating pouch

Kilner Glass Jar Yoghurt Making Set


Usage & Care Instructions:

Wash in warm soapy water and rise well before first use. Wash again after use and dry thoroughly to store.
Do not pour boiling water or liquids into Kilner glass jars or pour hot water into or submerge cold Kilner glass jars as the thermal shock will cause them to crack. (This applies to all brands of glass.)


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Price: £27

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