Kilner Universal Push Top Glass Storage Jars Available In 3 Sizes 0.85 / 2 / 4 Litres

Beautiful Kilner glass storage jars with push top lids to store essentials in style. Look fantastic in any setting. Ideal for storage and display.

What will you keep in yours?

  • Rice, pasta, cous cous, oats ….
  • Nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, pulses ….
  • Raisins, dates, apple rings ….
  • Scones, flapjacks, fairy cakes ….
  • Biscuits, crackers, oatcakes ….
  • Treats, sweets, chocolates ….
  • Trinkets, treasures, bits and bobs ….
  • Cotton wool balls, make up, bath salts  ….


These Kilner universal storage jars have been created to provide for a wide variety of uses. The beautiful design is not only perfect for the kitchen and dry food storage but will also provide an attractive and functional solution for soaps or cotton wool in the bathroom or trinkets in the bedroom. Available in three different sizes: 0.85 litres, 2 litres and 4 litres. Each jar is sold Individually, not as a set.



  • 0.85 litre  –  L 125 mm x  W 125 mm x H 148 mm
  • 2 litre –  L 156 mm x  W 156 mm x H 190 mm
  • 4 litre –  L 195 mm x  W 195 mm x H 242 mm


Usage & Care Instructions:

Hand wash in warm soapy water and rise well before first use. Wash again after use and dry thoroughly to store.
Do not pour boiling water or liquids into Kilner glass jars or pour hot water into or submerge cold Kilner glass jars as the thermal shock will cause them to crack. (This applies to all brands of glass.)


Prices below are inclusive of delivery within the UK only.

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International Customers: We can post this item worldwide. Worldwide delivery will incur an additional postage cost. Please click here for more information before making a purchase.


Options:  Each jar is sold individually. Use the drop down menu to choose size required. Quantity can be adjusted in the shopping cart.

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