With veganism and healthy eating in general becoming more popular and mainstream than ever before, there are now several magazines and myriad books to choose from. Why not keep yourself informed and up to date with relevant issues and enjoy plenty of fantastic recipes by treating yourself to a couple of magazine subscriptions. Current issues, back issues and future issues (via subsciption) are all available with generously discounted prices for online purchases compared to buying at the supermarket or newsagent. Some magazines are now available as downloadable digital copies for those who prefer instant access and like to read on the go. Or for those who prefer to build a collection on their bookcases to flick through at leisure, there is still the option of good, old fashioned, printed media. Having your favourite magazine drop through your letterbox or digital inbox regularly is a real pleasure. A magazine subsciption is also a great gift idea that gives pleasure for a whole year, which is highly appreciated by the recipient. Of course, as well as vegan magazines, there are many other subjects of interest covered in a whole host of inspiring titles. Why not delve into nature and travel articles or take up a new hobby such as arts & crafts, knitting, photagraphy, sewing, woodcrafts – the choice is vast.

Vegan Food & Living magazine has at least 75 recipes in each issue, encouraging you to build on your culinary skills. There are plenty of engaing articles on going vegan, accidentally vegan products and expert nutrition guides, to help you understand veganism and celebrate the vegan lifestyle. Vegan Food & Living is a bestselling, multi-award winning magazine.

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Vegan Life is the ideal magazine for anyone who wants to know more about a plant based diet and cruelty free living. Each issue covers vegan-friendly fashion, the latest vegan products, inspiring interviews with a range of people from the ever growing vegan community, including activists, celebrities, chefs and sportspeople. Food is the central element to the magazine, showcasing the best vegan cooks and covering everything from raw food ideas to super-indulgent baking as well as nutrition advice and tips on tweaking standard recipes to make them vegan friendly  (veganizing).

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