Meditation & Focus Scented Magic Spell Candles With Gemstones 50 Hours Burn Time Soya Wax

These candles are designed as an aid to help you focus your mind and attract your desires into your life. This range of magic spell candles has been designed to enable you to focus your mind and empower yourself to obtain the desired changes in your life by channelling the transformative power of fire and gemstones.



Each candle has a carefully chosen fragrance and gemstone combination. Made from clean burning, long lasting, soya wax which is far superior to old fashioned paraffin wax. The glass tube comes with a cork lid and can be reused or recycled when the candle has been used up. These magic spell candles make a lovely, thoughtful gift or an ideal treat for yourself.



Click the links below to choose your desired magic spell candle from these selections:

Generously Sized – 50 Hours Burn Time

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