Medium Calcite Selenite Quartz Geode Unique Natural Home Decor Gift

These medium calcite selenite geodes from Morocco are stunning, beautiful, natural decor pieces. Geodes are round rocks with a hollow cavity .Once cracked open, they reveal a dazzling display of inner crystals of calcite, selenite and quartz. Perfect for a unique display of natural beauty in any home or office.They make a unique and natural gift idea or enjoy as an addition to your own home decor.


As a natural product, each piece is unique and the size, shape and colour of the product you will receive will differ slightly from the images shown which are for general guidance only.

  • Size: 8 – 9 cm approximately
  • Weight: 420 g approximately

Purchase & Delivery Information:

Price below is inclusive of delivery within the UK only.

International Customers: We can post  this item worldwide. Worldwide delivery will incur an additional postage cost. Please click here for more information.


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