Nano Glass Nail File Shiner Polisher For Eco Friendly Cruelty Free Beautiful Nails

Show off naturally beautiful nails with a nano glass nail file shiner polisher. Eco friendly & cruelty free. Perfect as treat for yourself or as a gift.


Treat yourself to beautifully shiny, polished, well groomed, naturally healthy looking nails. Ideal for those who cannot or do not wish to wear nail varnish. Can be used to file your nails as usual and will produce a micro polished shine when rubbed across the surface of the nails, which looks fantastic and feels amazingly smooth to touch. Just like hand polishing precious stones to show their natural beauty. Perfect for use on fingers and toes! Small enough to pop in your bag. Comes in a protective storage case. Long lasting but will break if to much pressure is applied or if dropped on a hard surface. Rinse in water and dry after use.

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