Natural Agate Geode Druzy Slice With LED Light Display Stand

This is a super cool way to display a piece of natural beauty – the agate slice.The display stand has an integral, colour changing, LED light which emits a soft light that enhances the appearance of the delicate patterns and enchanting colours. It is ideal as a comforting and soothing nightlight, as an aide to relaxation sessions or as an addition to your working environment. Agate is reputed to tone and strengthen the body and mind, as well as imparting a sense of strength and courage while enhancing creativity and stimulating the intellect.

Beautiful natural agate slice with LED light display stand.

Display stand with colour changing, LED back-light and USB charging cable.

LED light colour changing function.

As agate is a natural product, each piece is uniquely individual. These photos are for general guidance only.


Package includes:
1 Agate slice
1 Display stand with integral LED light
1 USB charging cable
1 Box

Size Notes: Each natural agate piece varies and will be approximately 3-4 inches / 8-10cm across. Cable length is approximately 59 inches / 150cm.

£19.99 each. Quantity required can be adjusted in the shopping cart.
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