Pocket Sprung Mattresses Vegan Society Approved & Certified UK Made Low Carbon With A Tree Planted For Every Mattress Purchased Use Our Discount Code To Get 5% Off

Approved & Certified By The Vegan Society

Enter our discount code, SMILE! at the checkout to get 5% off. There are no hidden nasties in these super vegan mattresses, so you can sleep soundly every night, with a clear conscience and in comfort.

These mattresses are made here in the UK (which is great for our economy) and are fully certified as being 100% vegan by The Vegan Society.

Each vegan mattress is carefully hand made for you when you place your order, featuring robust pocket springs, available in counts of 1000, 1500 and 2000 for a soft, medium or firm feel to suit your preference.

A comfortable and luxurious sleeping experience is attained using the latest technology to turn recycled plastic bottles into hypo-allergenic, supportive fillings. These advanced fillings are cleverly constructed to allow maximum airflow, which effectively regulates body temperature. The mattress cover is made from a uniquely constructed, plant based fabric which allows it to breathe. All components of these vegan mattresses are fully recyclable at the end of the usable lifespan, which is ideal for the future sustainability of the environment. With the environment in mind, a tree will be planted for every mattress purchased to offset carbon.


Comfortable & Luxurious


Warranty –  5 year warranty and free recycling upon renewal

To ensure you always get the best nights sleep from your mattress, with full support and comfort levels maintained, the National Bed Federation (NBF) recommends that you change your mattress every seven years.  With that fact in mind, every one of these vegan mattresses comes with a 5 year warranty and includes a fantastic offer of free recycling when you come back to replace your old vegan mattress with a new one, after the recommended 7 year period.

Disposal Service:

There is no need to be concerned about the practicalities or environmental impact of disposing of your old mattress when you purchase your new vegan mattress. You can dispose of it responsibly by choosing to use the environmentally sound disposal service. Your old mattress will not be sent to a landfill site, (which is likely the case if you use a local disposal service or take it to a tip yourself). Your old mattress will conveniently be collected and taken away for full recycling at the same time as your new mattress being delivered, so no need to wait in twice for a separate service. Your old mattress will then be stripped down into various components. The springs will be removed and sent for metal recycling. The foam and fillings will be recycled to make carpet underlay and other products. This stripping process is done by hand and is extremely labour intensive, hence the associated cost, but is well worth the effort to have full recycling and no land fill!

Responsible Mattress Disposal Service.


Available in several sizes to suit your needs. 

  • Small Single Size
  • Single Size
  • Small Double Size
  • Double Size
  • King Size
  • Super King Size
  • Set Of Two Zip Together
  • Bunk Bed Sizes

Please use the links below to go to the purchase page for your required items. Enter our discount code, SMILE! at the checkout to get 5% off. 

Solid Wooden Bedframe.


Solid Wooden Bedframe With Upholstered Headboard.

Lots Of Upholstery Colours To Choose From.

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