Positive Energy – Awareness & Cultivation

Life can often seem like a struggle to many people and they may feel blocked in some way from moving forwards and making progress and simply don’t know how to improve their situation. Because we are mostly aware of the physical world around us, we tend to seek physical solutions to the challenges we experience in our daily lives. But this approach often fails and things simply don’t improve because the obstructions we experience stem from within our own energy. This is why developing energy awareness and cultivating positive energy can significantly change your life for the better. As human beings our energy field, which surrounds our bodies is oval shaped, like an egg.

This energy field is constantly affected by many forms of naturally occurring and man-made environmental stresses. Our energy fields naturally protect us by repelling and eliminating many of these negative energies. However, some negative environmental energies may remain and begin to accumulate in your energy field causing a disruption to the finely tuned balance that is required to maintain optimal well being including your awareness, creativity, happiness, health, relationships, wealth and any other area of your life. Accumulated negative energies can make you increasingly vulnerable to further environmental stresses. Frequent exposure to environmental stresses is a primary cause of symptoms, diseases and relationship problems. Many decades ago, doctors in Germany discovered that environmental stresses not only causes illness but can also prevent you from responding to treatment. Conditions commonly associated by experts, with environmental stresses include allergies, anxiety, arthritis, brain fog, chronic fatigue, depression, digestive disorders, eczema, insomnia, poor healing from injuries, relationship problems, repeated infections, respiratory illnesses, some forms of cancer, weakening eyesight, weak immunity and many more besides.

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