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Energy Awareness and Energy Cultivation

Life can often seem like a struggle to many people and they may feel blocked in some way from moving forwards and making progress and simply don’t know how to improve their situation. Because we are mostly aware of the physical world around us, we tend to seek physical solutions to the challenges we experience in our daily lives. But this approach often fails and things simply don’t improve because the obstructions we experience stem from within our own energy. This is why developing energy awareness and cultivating positive energy can significantly change your life for the better. As human beings our energy field, which surrounds our bodies is oval shaped, like an egg.


This energy field is constantly affected by many forms of naturally occurring and man-made environmental stresses. Our energy fields naturally protect us by repelling and eliminating many of these negative energies. However, some negative environmental energies may remain and begin to accumulate in your energy field causing a disruption to the finely tuned balance that is required to maintain optimal well being including your awareness, creativity, happiness, health, relationships, wealth and any other area of your life. Accumulated negative energies can make you increasingly vulnerable to further environmental stresses. Frequent exposure to environmental stresses is a primary cause of symptoms, diseases and relationship problems. Many decades ago, doctors in Germany discovered that environmental stresses not only causes illness but can also prevent you from responding to treatment. Conditions commonly associated by experts, with environmental stresses include allergies, anxiety, arthritis, brain fog, chronic fatigue, depression, digestive disorders, eczema, insomnia, poor healing from injuries, relationship problems, repeated infections, respiratory illnesses, some forms of cancer, weakening eyesight, weak immunity and many more besides.


Hidden Secrets Of Real Health is a downloadable e-book with 400 fully indexed pages covering 170 advanced health cultivation techniques that you can implement to protect and strengthen your health energy. It includes many stories of people who have changed their lives through using simple Energy Awareness and Energy Cultivation practices. It is more than just a book, it is a practical guide to health energy cultivation that you’ll find yourself returning to again and again. Also contains a FREE Personal Environmental Stress Test pdf which you can use to check out your home environment for health damaging stresses. Read more here.



Wealth Energy

Would you benefit from being able to generate abundance in your life, increased opportunities, a stress free relationship with money and posesions and a balance that corrects any current obstructions to your future wealth. If so, you should aim to cultivate your wealth energy using the wealth energy egg. Read more here.


Large Wealth Energy Egg + Transmitter

Wealth Energy Egg + Transmitter








Happiness Energy

Would you benefit from feeling less shy, nervous, fearful or aggressive with people and feel more able to express your needs and manage difficult relationships and obtain inner strength, happiness and success? If so, you should aim to cultivate your happiness energy by using the chronic shock energy egg.  Read more here.


Chronic Shock Energy Egg + Transmitter








Relationships Energy

Would you benefit from improved quality relationships, feeling on a similar wavelength to people or finding that special person to share your life with? If so, you should aim to cultivate your relationships energy by using the loving relationship energy egg. . Read more here.



Loving Relationship Energy Egg +Transmitter









Health Energy

Would you benefit from less tiredness and fatigue, natural relief from stress symptoms, improved resistance to negative energies emitted by technology and other people and balanced energy  for better health? If so, you should aim to cultivate your health energy by using the guardian energy egg. . Read more here.



Guardian Energy Egg +Transmitter








Security & Respect Energy

Would you benefit from boosting your self-esteem, feeling more respected, advancing in your career, feeling safer and less anxious and feeling able to develop your creativity in more rewarding directions? If so, you should aim to cultivate your security & respect energy by using the star energy egg. Read more here.

Large Security & Respect , Star Energy Egg + Transmitter

Security & Respect, Star Energy Egg + Transmitter









Energy testing pendulums clear confusion and help you make better decisions in your life.

Read more here.


Omega Pendulum (Silver)

Omega Pendulum + Energy Testing Course

Akiva Perfect Pendulum (Zebra Jasper)

Akiva Pendulum Zebra Jasper

Akiva Perfect Pendulum (Peach Stone)

Akiva Pendulum Peach Stone

Akiva Perfect Pendulum (Lemon Jade)

Akiva Pendulum Lemon Jade

Akiva Pendulum Amazonite

Akiva Pendant Aventurine








Akiva Pendulum Rose Quartz

Akiva Pendulum Sodalite

Akiva Pendulum Tigers Eye



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