The Best Win A House Competition – Win The Home Of Your Choice In The Area Of Your Choice!

This fantastic competition is a great idea. It may sound a little crazy but it is actually perfect. When you enter the competition, you get the chance to win the home of your choice in the area of your choice. You could even choose to have more than one property, providing the total cost is within the allocated winning budget. Your chosen property must be residential, such as a house or apartment. Rest assured, this is a 100% legitimate opportunity that you cannot afford to miss out on.

The closing date for entries is 20th July 2023 at 6.00pm GMT, and the winner will be drawn electronically in the presence of a solicitor and notified by email and telephone on 20th July 2023 at 7.30 pm GMT.

You need to know just a little about the two main types of property ownership to answer a simple question to enable entry into the competition draw.

  • Freehold properties include outright ownership of the property and the land it is on. There is no time limit on this type of ownership.
  • Leasehold properties do not include ownership of the land they are on. They are let on a long lease that allows you to occupy the property for a fixed length of time.


Dan, Jay, and Will, pictured below, are three brothers from South London who are turning the property market on its head with their win a home of your choice competitions. Their journey began in 2020 when Dan gave away his property in a giveaway, and that bold step sparked a buzz, catching national attention and setting them on a path to make homeownership a reality for many.



Their competitions are not just about owning a home but transforming lives, from Angelina, who bagged a £450k budget to find her perfect home, to Benjamin, now enjoying a 4-bedroom house in Kent, and George, living in his new 2-bedroom apartment in Essex. These previous winners embody the life-changing power of their competitions.

Benjamin won this 4 bedroom house in Kent.

Their innovation in the property market caught the eye of Channel 4, leading to a documentary, “My £2 Dream Home”. The show highlighted their mission to shake up the system – high-interest rates, inflated property prices, and rigid mortgage criteria won’t stop them.

Recently, they changed the game again – winners can now choose their property anywhere in the UK. With values of fairness, equality, and the thrill of winning at their core, they continue to redefine the property market.

The real thrill for them? The reactions during their live draws. Those moments of pure joy broadcast to the nation keep us inspired.

They’re on a mission to change lives, one property at a time. Are you ready to join them? You might just be their next winner!

How Does It Work

Simply purchase tickets to enter the competition draw and answer the question. (See above for information to help you answer the question correctly.) You can even claim 1 free postal entry (a stamp is required.) The closing date for the prize draw will be 20th July 2023, at 6:00pm. The winner will be drawn at random, in the presence of a solicitor. The draw will be aired live on Instagram and Facebook and a video of the draw will be posted on their social media accounts. The winner will be contacted on the day of the draw and, once they have been notified, their name and county of residence will be displayed on the website and social media pages.

They aim to sell 120,000 ticket bundles, which covers transfer costs such as stamp duty and legal fees. And even if they don’t reach the target, the winner will still receive 70% of the total ticket bundles sold to buy their dream home. More details can be found in the Terms & Conditions.



Click here to get your entries in now for your chance to win! Wishing you the best of luck!



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