Tumbling Composter Double Barrel 140 Litre Capacity Off Ground Rodent & Pest Proof Design

Waste not, want not! Use your fruit and veg scraps to make nutrient rich compost. Great for growing your own plants and veg at home.

This tumbling composter comes flat packed and can be easily assembled in under 30 minutes .

A stylish and practical addition to your garden or allotment. This double barrelled compost tumbler has a total capacity of 140 litres, 70 litres each side. The double barrel design allows you to easily fill one barrel and leave it to mature while adding new materials to the other side. The integrated spinning design means that your compost aerates quickly and effectively. Includes sealed plastic chambers which is great at preserving the heat produced from the compost. Such composters are able to reach an internal temperature of more than 60C which is essential for rapid composting. In order for compost to be efficient, it requires a correct mixture ratio of brown and green material. It has an integrated aeration system to speed up composting process and is UV stabilised. Compost made in this tumbler will be ready much sooner than when using standard composting methods. Compost ready in as little as 3-4 weeks time, under optimal conditions.

Local assembly service available in Redditch & Studley. See below for details. If you would like assembly but you are not local to us please contact us with your full postcode and we will see if it can be arranged.

  • Compost ready much sooner, under optimal conditions (3-4 weeks)
  • UV stabilised for longevity outdoors
  • Sealed plastic chambers to retain heat
  • Reaches a temperature of more than 60C internally
  • Easily assembled in under 30 minutes
  • Size: Width 65cm x Depth 60cm x Height 82cm
  • Capacity: 140 litres total (2 x 70 litres)
  • Off ground rodent & pest proof design

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Assembly Service

Are you local to us? If you live in Redditch or Studley we can offer you an additional service. We can unpack and assemble your compost tumbler for you. Cost £15 per first unit, plus additional £7.50 per any extra units. There must be clear and safe access to the area where you wish to have your compost tumbler assembled. The area must be suitable for purpose ie, level solid ground away from obstacles. All pets and other animals must be secured away from the working area. No other persons to be in the working area at the time of installation. Waste packaging will be placed in your recycling bin or general waste bin as appropriate. Removal of packaging if required will cost an additional £2.

Options: Use the drop down menu to choose assembly service required.

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