Unique Hand Carved Ash Wood Loose Leaf Tea Spoon Scoop UK Handmade Handcrafted


The beauty of handcrafted pieces is that each one is truly unique. Each piece has been carefully crafted in an intuitive way using the properties that the original piece of wood presents us with. All of our handcrafted wooden pieces are made from wood that has been discarded and left as unwanted and unloved. We have rescued them, brought them into our home and taken time to peacefully craft them into usable and decorative items.



We intuitively craft the wood with as few adjustments as possible to get a beautifully natural looking final result. We go with the flow of the natural curves, notches, bumps, lumps, twists and turns. We do not crush the joy and unique character out of pieces by insisting on perfectly straight lines and flat planes.



These wooden pieces have been made using only traditional hand tools. This is a peaceful and loving process that fills the wood with newly refreshed positive energy. You will feel this energy within your chosen piece and it will give you great joy to use it, enjoy feeling the warmth and texture of it and marvel at its natural beauty.


This piece has been handcrafted in the UK by Elizabeth. The wood is ash from Redditch, Worcestershire, in the heart of England.  It is intended for use as a spoon or scoop for loose leaf tea. You can of course choose to use it however you wish, perhaps for coffee beans or herbs and spices.



The topside of the spoon showcases the beautiful growth rings of the ash tree. The bowl section of the spoon has a capacity of approximately 5ml, just like a regular loose leaf tea spoon or scoop.



The wood has been hand burnished for a smooth finish and a coating of food grade walnut oil has been applied to nourish the wood and aide longevity.



The underside of the spoon has a lovely natural curve following the outer edge of the original branch, where the layer of outer bark once was.



To maintain the beauty of your handcrafted wooden piece, you need to take care of it and treat it with the love and respect it deserves. Simply dust off with a clean, dry cloth or wipe clean with a barely damp cloth and dry or gently hand wash and dry thoroughly. Do not leave submerged in water or other liquids for any amount of time. Do not clean in a dishwasher. Keep in a dry place. From time to time you may wish to re-apply a small amount of food grade, walnut oil to keep it in its best possible condition.


Ash wood piece – bark side

Ash wood piece – underside

Traditional handcrafting tools

Approximately 4.5cm wide

Approximately 19.5cm long


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