Black & Blum Eau Good Binchotan Bamboo Charcoal Filter Water Bottles

Over 22 billion plastic bottles are discarded around the world each and every year. The aim of these superbly designed bottles is to reduce this waste of resources by making tap water taste so much better and encourage more people to stop buying bottled water and switch to sustainable, reusable bottles using standard tap water to refill time and again. These fantastic “eau good” bottles are available in different versions: the hand-blown borosilicate glass version, which includes a protective neoprene jacket and a stainless steel coil retainer to secure the charcoal in place and the BPA free version. They have an 800ml capacity and contain a replaceable, binchotan charcoal stick which is a natural active carbon filter made from tree branches and is renowned for it’s ability to soften water, add good minerals, such as calcium, iron and magnesium and absorb unwanted tastes and odours, such as cadmium, chlorine, copper, lead and mercury. Binchotan active charcoal has been used in Japan as a water purifier since the 17th century. It reduces chlorine, mineralises the water and balances the PH level. The binchotan active charcoal filter stick can be used for up to 6 months in total. If you are using your binchotan charcoal filter stick with the 800ml ‘eau good’ bottle and fill it up once a day, then it should last three months. You should then recharge the filter stick by boiling it in water for ten minutes and then leaving it to dry in sunlight. You should be able to keep recharging it for a further three months. When the binchotan charcoal filter stick no longer produces good results, it should be replaced. Each bottle comes with one charcoal filter stick included.The filters can also be bought separately and used in any bottle of your choice, but we do highly recommend the eau good bottles. They have been excellently designed and are a pleasure to use, much nicer to drink from than a standard plastic bottle. The cork stopper comes in several different colours and is also replaceable if it gets lost or damaged.


Put your binchotan charcoal filter stick into your bottle and fill with drinkable tap water. Wait for the filter to do it’s work, then, enjoy great tasting water! You will taste the difference after just one hour but allowing the water to filter for up to eight hours or overnight is ideal.

After three months of daily use, recharge the filter stick by boiling it in water for ten minutes and then leaving it to dry in sunlight.




? Our personal opinion: We absolutely love our eau good water bottles. They are very pleasing to look at and to use and of course give great tasting water. The tags on the bottle stoppers are really handy for looping over your finger when juggling an armful of other things or for attaching (with a carabiner or D ring) to your belt loops, your pushchair handles, or the outside of your bag for easy access, hands free carrying. These are one of our all time favourite purchases! ?


BPA free version available in orange, green, blue red black and purple. Limited stocks available. Order early to avoid disappointment.

Eau Good BPA Free Version £27.99 with free postage. (UK Orders Only) (Sorry, International Orders are not accepted for this item.)

1 at £27.99 – Quantity required can be adjusted in the shopping cart.Please state several colours in order of preference in the order notes, in case of colours becoming out of stock. We will endeavour to send your preferred option. If you will only accept one particular colour and would rather cancel if out of stock, please state one colour only and we will automatically cancel the order if out of stock.

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